Monday, November 13, 2006

New Tile & Circuit Assembly update!

Sorry it's been a few days since my last update. Our modem at home is not working and Verizon tech support is clueless as to what the problem may be. So here I am using my work computer to update the world on what has happened in the Silvers' world lately.
First off, I have a new tile entryway! Many thanks to Micah Rochon and little bro Shane for their help! Not sure how the pics will show up, but it is really beautiful! Jerod still is technically unemployed, so the sheetrock work should be done this week, I hope. Although I'd much rather him be at work at a real paying job. Not sure how much longer we can lean on state unemployment and the good graces of friends finding odd jobs for him to do.
The last couple of weeks we have been dealing with bronchitis with both boys. Cayden had gotten to the point where he was up several times through the nite with his coughing fits. Dr. informed us that he had a rather severe case of bronchitis and put him on Azithromicin. After about 3 days he was doing phenominally better. Just in time for Kieran to start up with the same horrible cough. By now mommy was sleeping downstairs so I could get some sleep. Last Friday I took Kieran in and got him on the same antibiotic. Friday nite was pretty rough, so we ended up missing the 1st day of our Circuit Assembly. I was totally bummed. Seems as though the last few things I had planned and was really looking forward to had all been cancelled or fell through. (i.e. Riley's visit, local high school musical, assembly) Oh well. We at least made Sunday morning and through lunch until Kieran got himself in a bad coughing fit and puked all over himself and Jerod. That cut our assembly short and we left immediately. Needless to say, Jerod didn't smell too good on our ride home! HA! Of course after we got home, Kieran was ramroding around with his big brother and doing fine. Well, Riley's assembly is Dec 23, 24 so we will probably go then.
But for the short time we were there, I sure enjoyed seeing and visiting the friends. It warmed my heart to see Larissa and her hubby Joe and daughter Jade. I talked to her mom, Colleen who is pioneering and she told me the Larissa and Joe are being used in demos at the KH and really doing well spiritually. That's so awesome. Kim Haesler was also there and seeing her made me cry. She has moved back to Madison and is making spiritual progress-going to meetings and such. I hope to talk to her very soon!
The whole program was amazing! I especially appreciated how the circuit overseer referred to the time remaining before the end of this system in "weeks" not "years". He did this twice in his talk. Really made me stop and think of the seriousness of what is going on and what me and my family need to do to improve in our spiritual routine. He is privy to more info than we are, and so his comments can't be ignored. What if we really do only have "weeks" left? Wow. Puts things in a different perspective, huh?
In a different note, Cayden's first "big boy" tooth has popped through, although his wiggly tooth hasn't come out yet. It's kinda wierd-the tooth is coming in behind the baby teeth. Now my thoughts are kinda paranoid about this, since my dental history includes some not-so-nice incidents at a very young age. (my first tooth pulling happened when I was 6 and pretty much goes downhill from there) I really hoped my kids wouldn't have my crowded mouth issues, but instead would have their father's big mouth (sorry honey) and my healthy teeth. I guess I shouldn't freak out yet.
Oh, and one last thing. We got snow again Friday night. Enough to let Cayden and hubby build a snowman. Ick.

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