Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Not too much going on here...

I figured that I better post a new blog since it had been a while since my last one. Trouble is, I don't have any earth shattering news to share with the world. HMMM....Weather is mild, 40* and very foggy today. Damp and chilly but much better than the -20* windchills of late last week. That was a shot of winter if ever there was one.

Jerod is still laid-off. I told him that if this goes on any longer, he'll be eating bon-bons and sitting on the couch all day. He joked back that by then, we wouldn't be able to afford bon-bons. HA! What a sense of humor! Glad he still has one. Seriously, he did call one of his co-workers and found out that his situation is company-wide. All of the trimmers are out framing and have been for the last 6 weeks or so. Shaw knows that to have Jerod frame is just asking for another worker's comp claim, so I'm sure that is why they haven't called him. There are 2-3 houses on the horizon that should be up and ready in a couple weeks. We'll see. I am thankful for the side work he has picked up. That is getting us through. Plus, my first life insurance commission helped out greatly.

So glad that there is only 13 days til Xmas. Don't you get sick of not being able to watch TV or listen to the radio w/o being overwhelmed with Xmas commercials/songs? UGH!

The end of this month I am hostessing a Stampin Up party. I'm looking forward to that. It is fun to get together, visit, eat, and create. Although, I ran out of invites, so I'm going to have to do some manual phone calls to get to every one on my list.

Congrats to Amanda and Luke Wolf! They got married last Monday in a very small ceremony. Amanda is Jessica's younger sister. I understand that they will be living in Dubuque. I got to wait on them Saturday nite at Arthur's. They came in with Ben and Monica. What a treat that was! Amanda was glowing, apparently married life is going well....

Speaking of weddings, Melyssa and Eric have decided to go with a larger reception than originally planned. I guess it is going to be in Boscobel in the banquet room of the Super 8, or some motel there. I hope the plans keep going smoothly. Clint and Joyce are going to have a big empty house sooner than later. What a strange feeling that is going to be for them.

Wow, I'm racking my brain and really can't find anything else to write about. How boring is my life? Although I could wax poetically on about the huge bag of Tootsie Rolls in my desk drawer that is calling out to me, but I won't.

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