Friday, July 06, 2007

Me and my weather obsession..

What a beautiful stretch of weather we've been having! Last weekend was picture perfect: 80's for highs, 50's for lows and sunny allllll day long. You really couldn't have ordered a better summer weekend. No humidity, no bugs, it was a snapshot of paradise-like weather. Now this weekend will be much the same-sunny and warm, but with increased humidity and Saturday and Sunday promise a heat index of over 100*-way too warm to be outside even at the lake. The sand will be burning hot on the tooties-better to visit the local pool.

Enough rambling of our weather, but you know me-I'm a weather freak. But I've learned recently that my niece Valerie and I share that same fetish. LONG LIVE THE WEATHER CHANNEL! I must admit to something-I've always had a small crush on Jim Cantore -the sexiest meterologist I've ever seen. Bald head and everything. Charlie Shortino has nothing on him, though Charlie is good for a laugh ...and David George is better looking in person, but too old. And Gary Cannalte is just not even in the running. Good at his job, but very soft around well, everywhere.
Bob Lindmeier is the best at up to the minute weather details when storms are in the area and he looks sooo much better since having LASIK to get rid of his coke bottles glasses!

Yeah, I know I have a problem. Sue me.

OK, so I go away from the computer to get juice for Kieran and I get back and see that my lovely hubby has interjected his own commentary on the subject at hand. WELL, Sticks and stones and all that other jazz.

Not sure if the links will work, but I had to try.

Enjoy the weekend!!!-Shannon

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Sara said...

I almost peed my pants laughing at your weather fetish! Or is it weatherMAN fetish?!?!? Thanks for a great laugh!

And sitting outside having a rummage sale this weekend was NO laughing matter! Yikes it was HOT!!!