Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's a flood, so where's the Ark?

As summer draws to a close, SAY IT AIN"T SO! We finally have gotten the rain we needed like 2 months ago. Except all the rain we needed came in 2 days. Our neighbors to the north and west have been hit very hard. Many, many homes are ruined in Gays Mills, Soldiers Grove, and Richland Center. Here is a link to the Channel 3 website. There are 5 volumes of pictures that people have sent in of the damage. Some of the captions lend a bit of humor to a bleak situation.

Now for a few pictures from our District Convention. DeKalb was a nice place to go. Reminded me of the Coleseum in Madison. The boys did better than I hoped. It helped that I had a bookbag full of activities for them to do.

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