Friday, August 31, 2007

Our summer is winding down..

So today is our last Friday home together. It is so hard to believe that school is starting on Tuesday! I met Cayden's teacher yesterday. I don't know how many parents make a point of meeting the teacher b/4 the year starts, but I for one, like to know the person who will be molding my young child's mind for the next 9 months. She seems nice enough, I've only heard good things about her from other moms, so I'm sure it will be a good year. Kieran's 4K teacher is Mr. Bart and he is awesome. Any of the 4K teachers would've been great. Mr. Bart likes to use nature alot in the classroom; AKA bugs, spiders, lizards, creepy-crawly things. The kids eat it up! (not literally, of course, ICK)

Our weekend promises gorgeous weather-DRY, sun, low humidity and 80* days and cool nights. Anyone out camping sure has a perfect weekend to do so. We may put up our tent in our yard tonight for something fun to do.

Next week will be very busy for another reason as well. We've hired a lady to help in our office. I'm so happy, since I haven't had the time to do all of the work needed to be done. She is going to work out great, she has a wonderful personality and is excited to join our office. She starts on Tuesday.

I think today we are going to walk down to the library. We gotta do something to enjoy this wonderful, beautiful day!

Everyone have a fun, safe, and happy weekend!

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