Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Carzy wild fun with Rileys!

This was one GINORMOUS slide..long line to get on it.
Waiting for storyhour..."Click, Clack, Moo"
Showing off the face artwork
Beck says, "Go west, young man!"

Our weather has been, for the most part, beautiful this fall so far. We've been outside alot. On the weekend that Jerod reroofed Kuhs, the boys and I headed down to Deliverance's. That Saturday afternoon we went to Eberts. It is a large landscaping company that has a fall festival each year for the community. They have face painting, animals to feed, a hayride to a corn maze and blowup rides for the kids. What a blast. Here are some of our pix from that trip.
In search of sustenance, Deliverance took us to Mullens, an old-fashioned ice-cream soda shop. It was complete with red vinyl metal stools along a long counter. We all shoved ourselves in a booth and tried to eat without bumping into each other too much. We ended our meal with ice cream, real, honest to goodness hand scooped in a SUGAR cone. I haven't had a sugar cone in ages. I was in heaven.
One side note: When the waitress/waiter sees the age of the kids you are ordering ice cream cones for, and is the one scooping out the ice cream, do you think it would be too much for them to realize that a heaping, leaning, mountain of ice cream teetering on the top of a cone, is NO FUN for anyone involved? When I say "BABY or VERY SMALL" cone, I mean exactly what I say. Do they think they are making points by serving a 4 year old a 40 year old serving? So then between keeping my cone drip free, I have the task of monitoring two little boys with their cones containing a quart of ice cream. UGH, I think I end up consuming the equivilent of 2 cones and have to throw out the rest. What a waste!
(I'll get off my soap box now...)

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