Sunday, September 30, 2007

An update for my loyal readers...

I have got to get over this thing I have that makes me think that I can't update this thing without a picture or two. That is so not the case, as it just makes me fall far, far behind. So look at this, it is going to be October 1st tomorrow and I haven't written anything for over 2 weeks. Sorry.
Well, we've been sick. No big surprise there. Two weeks into school and Kieran comes down with a sinus infection and Cayden was suffering from a combo of fevers, earaches and sore throat. Strep test came back negative, so we aren't sure what he had. Now both boys have a lingering cough. yea! My least fave thing in the world is a cough that keeps them awake at night. My next to least fave thing in the world is when I have the cough, too. Which I do. I have been sick for 5 days now, and I am sick of being sick. Coughing so hard you see little points of light on the edge of your eyesight, coughing for 1-2 hours each night AFTER you try to go to bed, pounding headache each afternoon that sometimes Excederin Tension Headache medicine may not touch. I hate being sick. Plus side-Jerod's entertained the boys enough to let me either nap or go to bed earlier than normal. I've been exhausted.
Enough boo-hooing! I'm not dying, for crying out loud!
I wish I would've gotten a picture of our neighbors house to post here. Each year their house gets blanketed in TP during the homecoming game. This year was no different, actually was not quite as bad as last year. But still...In an odd, twisted way, it looked pretty cascading from the tree branches in the street light. I am not exaggerating when I say the guys who did it must've used 50-60 rolls of TP. Not the cheap stuff either-I saw a couple empty Charmin Mega-pack bags. Now, if I'm going to TP, I'm going to go for the cheap sandpaper-quality TP. Kids must have more money than I did in High School. Right now, it is raining something fierce, so everything should look really great in the morning. I just hope that not much blew into our yard....SIGH...
This morning was the first meeting we made all week since we've been sick. A bunch of other families must be sick too, since it was a pretty sparce crowd.

HOLY COW how did I forget to mention this? Josh is back with us. My mom had a little party last Thursday night after the meeting and then we had him over for lunch today. It's so nice to see him and talk with him again. His attitude is so positive, and I am happy to see him so happy. It's been a long year. Now we can have family gatherings again! WELCOME BACK JOSH!!!!

October will be a crazy month. CO's visit, Beck's youth hunt, Oktoberfest in Richland Center, re-roofing Kuh's, teacher conferences, picture day, my 3 month eye check up (can it only be 3 months?) Jerod's bow-hunting, AND we are being audited at work by the SIPC (securites and investment protection corporation). So before I know it, it will be November. YIKES! I better feel better soon!

OK, well, that's gotta do for now...Hope all is well in your world!

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