Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring is coming...???

I'm going to try to note talk about the house...K?

So it has been really awesome to see the sun out for several days in a row and actually have temperatures above freezing! The ice is melting, snow piles are settling, and bare patches of ground/mud are appearing! Spring is near..

Only 9 weeks left of school. I am glad. Cayden has been having a few problems with controlling his behavior. I've had a few discussions with his teacher and it sounds like typical 7 year boy stuff, but not appropriate actions for schooltime. Nothing major-it's mainly him and another boy in his class that feed off of each other and work each other into little boy craziness. They distract each other from following directions, act silly standing in line, giggle during group time, things like that. A couple weeks ago, they were standing in line waiting to come inside or something, and Cayden put his hat on Mason's head. Mason did not like that, so he grabbed Cayden's hat and threw it and pushed Cayden. Mason has a short fuse, so it doesn't take much to set him off. Cayden doesn't know when to stop. So they are a volitle pair, like fireworks and gunpowder. I've had talks with Cayden to help him to remember how to act and when making the choice to be with Mason may not be the best decision. Both his teacher and I are going to request that those two boys not be in the same class next year. PHEW!

My folks are going to Oregon in April to visit M. Sue and Kirk. They are travelling out there on the train. I got to thinking...that would be a pretty fun trip for my family. Not as confining as a plane, nor as expensive. We'd get to see the countryside and watch movies, and play UNO non-stop which would make Kieran happy. Plus I'd love to see M.Sue and Kirk-I miss them. We could see the mountains and the ocean-which I know the kids would like. I wouldn't presume to stay at their house, that would be alot to take on for a few days! Well, it's an idea.

Kieran has become an UNO FREAK! He will not go to bed until he plays a game (or 2) of UNO and he wants to play more in the morning before bed, after dinner, and so on. The thing is...he is really good at it. He wins alot! Jerod and I stopped letting him win a long time ago, since he can do it all on his own. The little turkey has his own strategy and everything. Some of the rules have to be "bent" so he doesn't end up with 20 cards in his hand. We need to find another simple card game to teach him. Not sure what, but we'll figure it out. Maybe cribbage?

I got to do some evening track work last night. We got alot done-I haven't walked like that in service in a long time. Jerod had the boys, so it was just me. I got to work with Linda Boling and the Douglas's. I was a little surprised of the number of people that were not home at that time of the day. Perhaps some were hiding really well in the dark corners of their homes. Who knows?

Jerod has his 1 year follow-up appointment today for his back. On the 16th, it will be 1 year since he got all fixed up. Ironic that this week his back has been more sore than it has been in this whole time. The 12 ft sheets of rock he's been humping up the stairs at home hasn't helped that situation, I'm sure. But he said that if he isn't able to do the type of work he's been doing on our house, then he'd be of no use on the job site if and when a job would ever pop up. Even so, he's a million times better than a year ago. I am trully grateful for that.

I did pretty good not mentioning the house, huh?

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