Monday, October 02, 2006

Yeah for Indian Summer!

Oct 2, 2006
So it's going to be 84" today. Holy moley! Yesterday (Sunday) was just awesome as well. Kinda bummer that I had to work at Arthurs'. Boy were we busy, my feet were on fire by the end of the night. I didn't get home until 11 pm and we closed at 9. The dining room was a wreck, the salad bar was depleted-we really needed to have a bus person to help. Oh well, I made over $100 in tips, so I shouldn't complain too badly. Finally I'm able to catch up on my day care bills.
My hubby had to work all weekend. Profitable, but since the boys were in bed by the time he got home, they didn't see him from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon, 15 min b/4 I had to leave for work. Kieran didn't seem to notice too much, but Cayden was missing Dad pretty badly by Saturday.
Tonight we have a little family "good-bye" shin-dig at Clint and Joyce's for Chad and Cindy. I hope that we have a nice time together. Cayden is pretty adament about not wanting them to leave. This morning he said, "When they move, can we call them or go and visit them?" I told him that we could call them every so often, but visiting would be a completely different story. I can't imagine the boys on a long airplane ride. The takeoff and landing would be exciting for them, but the interim would be impossibly "BORING" (as Cayden is so fond of saying lately.) Hopefully, we can arrange for the kids to come back to visit a few times. We'll see.

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